Barbara Barry shares her passion for beauty and design in a complimentary interview with Gail Doby, ASID. Her work has long been praised for its quiet refinement, soothing palette, and graceful furnishings, as well as for its ravishing tailoring and coloring. In her first book, Barbara explores her design philosophy, meditating on the transformative power of beauty.  Request your copy by entering your name and email.  Your information is safe with us – we just wanted to share this unique opportunity with you.

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Through a discussion of her principles of good design—simplicity, proportion, and harmony—we discover how to apply these principles to our rooms and to our lives. Through page after page of gorgeous, subtle, feminine interiors, Barbara explains her design process and shares thought-provoking stories.

Barbara discusses what inspires her, from the quality of light to the colors of nature, and illustrates how she utilizes nature in decoration. From the simple strength of a white plate to the sensual elegance of a well-made bed, Barry explains why a gracious life, a well-ordered life, a life around beauty is the only one worth living. In Barbara’s world, every detail is harmonious. Comprehensive and beautifully designed, this unique book is a collector’s piece for all design fans and one you’ll enjoy reading again and again.


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“Whether we work on our own or with the help of a design professional this book will serve as an invaluable aid.  It dispels certain myths about interior design while shining a light on the services designers provide; services that make our interiors functional and safe as well as inviting. How to Design Your Perfect Interior is a must for those seeking beauty in their homes.”

– Barbara Barry, interior designer & author of Barbara Barry Around Beauty